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- Jon Goode

Mess up in school by the teacher I'd get beat
Come home and I'd catch it from Mrs. Taylor across the street
Then my mom would come along beatin' my ass on the lawn
Talking about wait til your daddy gets home

And I'm like for what?
I'm a lil cat I ain't got but so much ass
But she was determined that she was gone spank it all
Go get me a switch was the call
Bring two
Because I know how you and your sister do

Kids will be kids but moms will be moms
And you done did what you did and moms gonna show you right from wrong
And I'm gonna tell yall what some folks just don't understand
See she won't trying to raise a friend, she was trying to raise a man
So every now and again she had to raise her hand

But there was love in her means and love in her ends
But a lot of folks out here are livin' loveless
They tryin' to raise a child the can go to the club with
Won't take there child to church but together smoke cess
And if they cared more maybe these kids wouldn't careless

Ya'll been mall and the grocery sto'
Ya'll know, these kids really run the show
I saw this kid curse his mom he couldn't have been no mo than fo'
Had that been me I would have been pickin my lil ass up off the flo'
She would have beat me right there in the grocery sto'
She would have beaten me right there on aisle fo'

She would have smacked my lil ass on the way out the do'
And I bet I would mess up in the sto no mo
Hell I might not even go to the sto no mo

Fo those that don't know
Let me tell you how it's supposed to go
You put sir and mam after every thing you say
You get out those school clothes before you go out to play
You finish your home work before you think about going out
And before those street lights hit you get your ass back in this house
But Billy mom lets him stay out for an extra few
Boy I don't give a dam what Billy momma do
I will beat you, Billy, and Billy's momma too
That's how my mom used to do
She'd be coming for your issue
And just before bed on your forehead gently kiss you
Sing a song or two
Or play a game with you
Or spell your name with you or teach you two and two
I'm old school I had that speak and spell
You know, the Cow Goes Moo.

But let me ask you this
What the hell is a Pikachu
What is a Pokemon, a Ferbie
What the hell is a Teletubbie

I remember the simple days
It was like Easy Bake Ovens and My Buddy
Barbie and Ken, GI Joe and a Schwinn
Rock em Sock em Robots
We used to play Connect Four
Pretty sneaky sis and they don't play games like that no more

And that's it maybe
Because Playstations done drove 'em crazy
House of the Dead, Doom and Resident Evil
Have made 'em pretty good shots
And then the internet will lead you
To where the guns get bought
Now you do the math people and tell me what you got
It's like Columbine High, multiple guns shots
The parents standing around like, well who would have thought?
And I'm looking at them like, well you should have thought
And you should have taught and maybe you should have fought

My mom didn't assume she knew exactly what was in my room
Underneath the bed and in the dresser drawers
I'm like but momma that mine
She was like, Ain't shit up in here yours
She said, you ain't payin' no bills and stop slammin' these doors
Build bombs around my moms I was too busy doing chores
But I loved my childhood I don't know about yours

It was ice cream trucks in the summer
Candy lady on the corner
Hide and seek
Kick ball, dodge ball, trick or treat
Freeze tag you're it and tell me who could forget
You and all your friends, hey yo put your foot in
Bubble gum bubble gum in the dish
How many pieces do you wish
I mean that was the shit
And you gotta admit
That kids these days just don't know what they done missed.

*These verses are not included in the video above.


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