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Wife, Women, Friend Part 2
- Dana Gilmore

I'm tired of-looking out my window seein shadows of you
and I can't hang out with my girls cuz I'm checkin' my rearview
You callin breathin' all hard like I can't hear you
And every time I hit the club you just happen to be there too

All I ever wanted was to be with you
But when I needed you
I had to compete with clubs, drugs, the streets and PS2
Out all night chasing women with your weak-ass crew
But I guess when you're in Rome you do as Romans do
But they go home alone just like you
Wishing they would've held on just like you
Probably callin' playin on phones just like you
I'm so through dealing with niggahs just like you
Cuz I done had a few niggahs just like you

I had the ballin type that call all night keep claiming they coming thru
I had the CEO that would bring me dough cuz he always had something to prove
I had the so called God Man that thought he could do everything God can
Thought he was closer to God than the church man
I had the meet me at the poetry spot down to earth man
I had the niggah from the club who was only good for a fuck
And I had a street niggah who kept claiming he was down on his luck
I had a player with no goals no heart just game
I had the 24 in the studio on his way to fame
I had the control freak who thought he could keep me on a chain
I had a niggah that lied so much I don't even know his real name
At the end of the night, they all made me feel the same
I had a million things to loose and not a damn thing to gain

I told you I need you and your shoulders shrug
I tell you I'm leaving and you call my bluff
I say a million men want me
You say, they can have you then
So when you beg for me to come back I tell you I got a man
Who not just my lover but my friend
The closest person to me so I call him my next of kin
And  know you think you own this but guess what, he put it in
And represented for all men even those that act like boys, but we still call men

And to think you gonna fall in and feed me bullshit sprinkled with game on it
But when he hit it he wrote his name on it
I was committed when he put his brain on it
He and I will parade these streets and I'll be damned if you rain on it

Look I know you have your regrets
And I'm not gonna throw it in your face 'cause hell I wish you the best
But him for you that's like more for less
And I just can't do it
You had your chance but you blew it.
And deep inside I think you knew it was killing me
But silly me I couldn't see the forest through the trees
And I didn't know I was cut so deep until I began to bleed
I guess they left out all the snakes in the stories of birds n bees

So you can cry me a river niggah, cry me a sea
But that's the last time I'll love a niggah that ain't got no love for me


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